DevSecOps and Cloud Engineering Services
for Public Sector

DevSecOps and Cloud-based solutions. Delivering cost effective ways to build, deploy and maintain cloud software and hosting services that adheres to GDS principles.

We facilitate any buyer that would like to build their own Agile DevSecOps and Cloud capability to support an Organisation's Digital Transformation initiative, building security into designs, tooling, development pipelines and services. We provide expertise in all areas of DevSecOps and Cloud environments, including Head of DevSecOps & Cloud, DevSecOps Lead, Cloud Lead, DevSecOps Architect, Cloud Architect, DevSecOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Azure and AWS expertise, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) expert capability.

Our services typically span the following core offerings:

  • CI/CD pipeline definition (including tooling and processes)
  • Secure Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC) definition
  • Secure configuration / hardening
  • Security service implementation
  • Development and implementation of security-enforcing controls


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